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Academics Overview
Academics Overview
Degree Seeking Program
Leadership Program

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Academics Overview

VOUS College currently offers 3 programs for students. No matter where you are on your journey, VOUS College can help prepare you for your unique destiny.


Tracks for each proGram

Ministry Experience

We are focused on providing students with real time ministry experience. We believe the future of college education should include real life and vocational experience and training.

At VOUS, this immersive training goes beyond curriculum to develop talent, leadership, character and community. Through this hands-on ministerial leadership training, you will gain practicum credit toward your degree program.

Students will graduate with over 500 hours of ministry hands-on experience!



During the course of the semester, Creative Track students will be given the opportunity to learn a variety of studio skillsets and be exposed to a variety of mediums including Graphic Design, Video Production, Social Media Management, Web Design, Photography, Environment Design, and more. Students will also learn communications and marketing skills.

Portfolio required for design


I Love My City

The I Love My City track is designed to give students a fundamental understanding of the outreach departments of VOUS Church. The focus of VOUS Care is on both local and global outreach as well as pastoral care and navigating people through different seasons of their life.



The Operations Track is designed to give students a basic understanding of the different aspects of VOUS Church Operations. Operations track gives students a chance to see the logistics of VOUS events, learn about the structure and systems of our databases, as well as learning about the heart behind why we do what we do in Operations.



Production Track is a hands-on Servant Leadership Course designed to give students an overview of VOUS Church Production. Students will experience all team components of production (Audio, Broadcast, Lights, Stage, & Translation) as it relates to weekend services and special events.


VOUS College

The VOUS College Track is designed to provide students with hands-on training as you learn and experience the behind the scenes of a Biblical higher institution. Students will have the opportunity to learn design, project management, marketing & communication, brand management, recruitment and social media.



The VOUS Crew track is designed to give students a fundamental understanding of the Crew departments of VOUS Church. VOUS Crews are the small groups of our church and are focused on creating a community where lasting life change can happen in the context of relationships.



VOUS High is the junior high and high school community of VOUS Church. We are committed to creating a place where young people can belong, grow, and encounter God. Students will have the opportunity to help facilitate our different VOUS High gatherings such as VOUS High Nites, VOUS Crews, & VOUS High ILMC projects.



Our mission in VOUS Kids is to develop and empower the next generation of leaders who are passionately in love with Jesus. In a growing and healthy church setting, students will learn how to create an environment for the VOUS Kids to discover who God is and unfold who God has called them to be through learning the tasks of the Operation, Creative, Production and VOUS Buddies Departments.



At VOUS Church we value high-energy, and authentic worship in all of our Sunday services and events. In the Worship Track you will receive hands-on training and learn how to develop weekly worship experiences to bring people who are far from God close to God. Throughout each semester, our staff will guide students through the process of organizing teams, creating setlists, processing auditions, producing original music, and more.

Audition Required for vocalist & instrumentalist



Film Track students participate in all aspects of a film project throughout the semester; taking projects from Ideation and planning all the way through post- production and editing. Each week, they work hands-on with our Sunday Film and Social teams; Plan, Shoot and Edit event recaps, as well as work on long-form storytelling and major seasonal projects; all while growing in their knowledge of Camera gear, Directing, Producing, Editing, and project management.

Portfolio required, basic knowledge of Cameras and Editing software



Students in the Technology Track will aid in website development, UI/UX design, coding, and analytics/reporting. Students will work on exciting projects, collaborate with multiple departments in ministry, and have opportunities for growth and development in various technologies and software. The Technology track is perfect for students who are passionate about technology and eager to make a positive impact. If you're ready to be equipped with hands-on technological experience in a ministry setting, this is the track for you.

Portfolio required, basic knowledge of coding and web design

vous college of ministry

Degree Seeking Program

VOUS College has partnered with Southeastern University to offer multiple accredited degree programs for students interested in seeking degrees while gaining hands-on leadership and ministry experience. Whether you are starting your college journey or finishing it, VOUS College offers you the opportunity to further your education. Our immersive training goes beyond a standard curriculum to prepare you to lead the next generation!

Spring Semester Starts January 8th, 2024
Fall Semester Starts August 19th, 2024


Degree Seeking Program

Ways To Serve

Students enrolled in the traditional degree seeking program will have the option to choose their preferred method for completing their track experience.

Serve virtually from wherever you are. Virtual Track Projects will be assigned by your Track Director.

Sunday serving experiences will be dependent upon each student's track and whether they are local or online. Each student will attend Sunday service and participate in our current Sunday serving initiatives.

Serve in person by participating in current local projects and serving initiatives in Miami such as ILMC, putting on Church Online, etc.


Fall A

College and Christian Calling

Theology of God and Humanity


Fall B

Old Testament Interpretation

Theology of Salvation and the Church


Spring A

‍Personal Stewardship

New Testament


Spring B

Holistic Disciple Making



*The classes listed are live courses taught onsite at VOUS College of Ministry. Students will enroll in both onsite courses and online courses (not listed here). Visit our SEU partner page for more information!

vous college of ministry

Leadership Program

Designed for young professionals who want to be trained in ministry leadership. Led by Pastors Rich and DawnCheré Wilkerson, this fully immersive experience will equip and empower you to lead and operate at a high capacity in ministry and the marketplace.

Taught by VOUS staff and Southeastern University professors, you will have the opportunity to engage in weekly leadership and theology-based courses. These courses are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the local church, while supporting your spiritual formation.

Spring Semester Starts January 8th, 2024
Fall Semester Starts August 19th, 2024


VOUS Leadership Program

Ways To Serve

The VOUS Leadership Program offers students three options to choose from when determining their ways to serve. With at least 12-hours per week dedicated to hands-on ministry, this immersive training goes beyond curriculum to develop both gifts and character that prepare students to lead the next generation.

Serve and learn with the VOUS Church online community. In this track, students will serve with the global online community under the leadership of our VOUS Online Team.

For those students who are local, we are offering the opportunity to serve within one of our VOUS Church Departments. Students will be under the leadership of VOUS Staff.

We are extending our ministry training opportunities to include serving within a students local church community under the supervision and leadership of a pastor or church leader at their church.


Sep - oct

VOUS Values

Old Testament

Nov - dec

VOUS Culture

Old Testament

jan - feb

Spiritual Disciplines

New Testament

mar - apr

Leadership Fundamentals

New Testament

vous college of ministry


VOUSternship is an exciting summer internship program consisting of hands-on ministerial experience. Not only will you dive deeper into theology and leadership training, you will also participate in VOUSCon — our largest outreach of the year. Designed for individuals with a desire to be trained in ministry and developed as leaders, our VOUSternship will provide you with a fully immersive experience that will equip you with the necessary leadership and ministry principles to lead at a high capacity in ministry and the marketplace.

Summer 2024 VOUSternship: May 20th - July 29th

Join us in Miami Fl, for 10-weeks of hands-on ministerial  training and leadership development.

Be a VOUStern from anywhere you are! VOUSternship also offers an 8-week online summer internship experience for those who would like to be trained in ministerial leadership! Whether you are in a different state or different country, be apart of our VOUS Church Online Community.




VOUS Church Values


Biblical Foundations

Ministry Experience

Receive hands on ministry training in the track of your choice

vous college

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